¿What is the REN?


What is the REN?
The REN is a place for cooperation and exchange, where different public and private European actors working towards ensuring social and labour inclusion and development in rural areas…
The main objective of the REN is to identify and facilitate the national transfer of innovative actions, which have been effective in other countries of the European Union and also…
What do we do?
We bring public administrations, social entities, companies, universities and other European organisations, together to promote the exchange of knowledge and innovative actions. The…
Join us. Why become a member?
Take advantage of joining a European network that strives for social and employment inclusion and development in rural areas through social innovation. Connect, interact, and access…
Project developed by Fundación Santa María la Real and funded by the European Social Fund, within the Operational Program for Social Inclusion and Social Economy, in its Priority Axis 7, as a transnational cooperation project. "2014ES05SFOP012".
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Learning Community

The Learning Community is composed by all the members of the REN and consists of a set of actions that promote dialogue on social and labour problems in rural areas between experts from the European territory. In addition, these actions promote the exchange and generation of shared knowledge and innovative proposals and actions, through thematic groups, events and training actions.

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Learning Community